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Women Stretching in preparation of Yoga

Beginners Yoga 

Beginners are well catered for in most of our classes but if you have special needs or have trouble getting  up and down off the floor contact Gigi to make sure she can cater for your particular needs in a class setting.

An initial private session can be arranged for special needs.

If you are pregnant  or aren't used to exercising Gigi will give you guidance to modify the poses to make them more accessible to you.

Everyone works at their own level at Yoga & Beyond.

We are interested in your health and wellbeing NOT in competing with each other.

Don't  worry that you are a beginner , or that you have never done yoga before or that you consider 

yourself to be "old"....Gigi ( your teacher) is over 60 and we have students who are turning 80 soon as well students who are 5 years old.

We aim to make our classes suitable for everyone andwe hoe to extend you gradually to reach your full potential if health and wellbeing.

Stress management, flexibility, core strength and relaxation are our specialities.

At Yoga & Beyond you are encouraged to work at your own level; we are not a competitive yoga studio and EVERYONE improves when they attend regularly.

Click to view our new Timetable and keep an eye out for any new updates!

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