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Booking/Cancellation Policy

Booking Policy

We recommend you use the online booking system on our website; or book directly at the class.

Cancellation Policy

We like to make things easy for our students and stress-free; that is why our cancellation policy is very small:

  • We prepare ahead of time for Retreats, Meditation Courses and Workshops so if you need to cancel you need to give at least 1-2 weeks notice or you will forfeit your payment. Retreat Centre Refunds will hopefully be more lenient during the COVID season and Gigi will be negotiating on our behalf in need. Note: Evidence of Covid related incidence will need to be provided for late cancelations.

  • Class cancellations can be made by contacting Yoga & Beyond on 9610 4566 or 0425 266 429 up to a day before the start of a scheduled yoga class.

  • You can re-schedule your cancelled class to another suitable class as a "make-up" class if there is room in other class.

  • For payment of set courses, e.g. the 5-week Yoga course, payment is not transferrable to another course or class if any of the classes are missed within the 5-week period.

  • Due to COVID season this Policy will be more flexible and Gigi will do her best to help you out so make sure you stay intouch with her . Email Here Direct here

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