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The Answers You Need To Know

How do I get started?

Contact us to discuss your level of experience and any fitness issues you may experience. Our registration form will help you understand what we need to know.

Our gentle classes are suited to people who have injuries or phsyical limitations; or want to focus on stretching and yoga therapy.

I'm over 50, is Yoga suitable for me?

Yes, of course! We can easily cater our classes for all ages and for treatment of specific conditions such as arthritis and stiffness etc., by getting you to start with gentle classes first and then build-up from there. We will nurture you as you work at your own pace. Our teachers are happy to cater for your individual needs.

What if I suffer an injury or sickness and can't attend?

We do have a Cancellation Policy in place, but if you do come down with an illness or suffer an injury - we recommend you contact us to discuss.

How can I pay for my class?

Online booking: We accept payment via Paypal, Visa and Mastercard.

Direct deposit: Elect to pay via direct bank transfer, just send us a copy of your bank transfer confirmation.

Can I claim a Health Care Rebate?

In the past health care rebates were available for professional yoga classes.

Unfortunately since about 2019 this is no longer the case.

Transfer of Class Pass or Membership

You may request to give your spot in the class to a friend etc if you are not able to attend

Do you offer Refunds?

Refunds will be offered in exceptional circumstances only.

Chat to Gigi and she will help sort out make up classes if needed.

If you have any other questions, definitely get in contact with us to discuss.

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