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Yoga Class in session

Yoga, Stretch + Pilates Classes

Our Yoga, Stretch + Pilates classes have been designed to ensure that everyone gets what they need from every class and that the body gets a full workout.

Gigi is focused on creating amazing levels of health and vitality for herself and her students so every modality that is helpful will be included in her courses.

  • Yoga has  amazing benefits on so many levels - mentally , physically and emotionally the body shifts week by week towards balance.

  • Stretching the body improves the posture, protects joints and helps the body and mind to relax. It's also and amazing tool for increasing blood flow in the body to stimulate healing and repair... and more

  • Pilates is yoga's "cousin" but with a more specific focus on the core. Core health is extremely important to support the lower back, foster a good posture and improve digestion. There are so many benefits to Pilates that Gigi includes some Pilates in all her classes.

We will teach you all you need to know! 

Gigi focuses on TEACHING you how to move, breathe , focus etc.

All classes include meditation, breathing  and relaxation practices.

Gigi is also a Natural Health Educator so she will be teaching you lots of tips about how to stay healthy

naturally. Her classes are perfect for anyone interested in staying healthy to a ripe old age.

We are currently offering a 5-week courses - click here to book now

View our new Timetable and keep an eye out for any new updates!

Questions? Ask Gigi

Yoga in the Community

You can attend the local Community Centre each Friday for casual Yoga classes with Gigi. Details are:

Cecil Hills Community Centre

5 Sandringham Drive, Cecil Hills

Dates: each Friday

Time: 10am - 11.15am

Class incorporates Yoga, Pilates and Stretching at all levels.

This is a community class led by Gigi, which started many years ago and keeps running due to popular demand! This group is very social and friendly and it's suitable for all ages and levels.

Bring your own yoga mat and water.

You don't need to book at all - just turn up at the session with $10 in cash to pay when you attend.

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