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Meditating outdoors by the water


20- 22nd October 2023     (Bookings  will Close 10th October)

Yoga + Health Retreats

Our weekend retreats are designed for those who are ready to embrace healthier lifestyle habits and would like to learn more about how to do that in an inclusive, supportive and relaxing environment.

Our yoga and health retreats  are held at Hartzer Park , Bowral  and include:

  • Yoga, stretch and meditation sessions each day  (no yoga experience needed)

  • YUMMY  plant based meals and cooking classes

  • Workshops to teach you about healthy living 


We aim to support you to kickstart your healthier lifestyle - eat well & relax well


Gigi has run over 30 retreats since 2006 and is very experienced and passionate

about supporting people to move forward in their life and in their health.


You will enjoy:

  • Yoga, pilates and stretching

  • Healthy and tasty plant based  meals

  • New recipes and practical diet and cooking tips

  • Your own private room

  • Meet new people

  • Workshop sessions relating to health , stress management and good living

  • Meditation ,Relaxation and Breathing practices

  • Time outdoors with nature

NOTE: Last minute cancellations will incur a charge 


  NEXT available : OCTOBER 20th - 22nd   BOOKINGS CLOSED

Health & Happiness Yoga Retreat

Tame the mind & the body to be focused on health and calmness

Reboot and re-energise with a health retreat...…..


                            Gigi Neophytou will be covering a wide variety of health promoting topics at this retreat. 

                            - Creating simple meal plans focusing on whole foods and plants

                            - The Basics of Establishing balanced exercise habits

                            - Fostering loving relationships with partners, friends and family

                            -Tips for maintaining GREAT health

                            - How to bring back the JOY IN LIFE 



we will focus on looking after your LIVER  which is a VITAL organ for:-

- Removing Toxins

- Processing food and nutrients

- Regulating metabolism....... and much much more

~ Everyone gets a PRIVATE room so you can relax.

~2 couples rooms available only - book early so you don't miss out.

~ Learn many mediation, yoga, stretch  and mindfulness practices

Be inspired to make the changes you know you need.

These retreats can reboot your health and motivation to enjoy life to the fullest!

          DATE:  20th - 22nd OCTOBER 2023    (FULLY BOOKED)

LocationHartzer Park, Bowral 

Cost:       $675 p.p all-inclusive             

Times:     Start arriving from 4 pm Friday (First Yoga class 5 pm and Dinner 7 pm)

                Ends Sunday at 3 pm.

Optional:  Join us on Friday for a pre-retreat lunch at 1:30 pm at Raw & Wild in Bowral

The entire weekend retreat costs $675 including all meals, activities and your own private room 

We request a non-refundable $75 deposit to secure your spot and your room or pay in full.


South West Sydney


Many thanks for a great weekend. I really got a lot out of it, enjoyed it all, and will try my best to put the principles you shared with us into practice. I feel stronger and "cleaner" than I have for a long time, even after just 3 days. I've also lost just over a kilo, having enjoyed those filling and delicious meals you prepared. My shoulders feel stronger from the yoga and I was very happy to have been able to do some of those inversion poses you taught us.


*Lyn is from Canberra and aged 63, attended her first retreat.

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