Meet the Team

We are all fully qualified and experienced in our areas of expertise

The Yoga & Beyond team is comprised of qualified Yoga Instructors , stretch teachers , meditation teachers, nutritional therapists  and counsellors -ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals - mental, physical and emotional stability, strength and flexibility.

Get in touch to discover more about our incredible team members — who are looking forward to being a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Gigi Neophytou

Principal Certified Yoga & Stretch Therapy Instructor

Hi! I'm Gigi, owner of Yoga & Beyond. I have personally selected and mentored each teacher here so that you get the BEST . I am trained in yoga, stretch therapy , kids yoga, counselling and nutritional therapy. I believe GREAT health is achievable when we take the HOLISTIC approach. Diet, exercise, stress management, breath and mind regulation,a purpose to live and hope for the future are what I teach for healthy living



Louis is the smiling face when you enter our door. He'll warmly welcome you, making you feel at home! He'll also the person who provides you with your class passes.


 Certified Yoga Instructor & stretch teacher

 Cris is passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle -  the attitude that we value greatly at Yoga & Beyond.

She has been with us from the start . Cris runs amazing Pilates /core classes and is also trained as a yoga teacher, stretch teacher and in pregnancy yoga. She will make sure you work your body to make it strong and flexible. Her wide range of experience means she can cater for a variety of special needs.


 Certified Yoga + Meditation Instructor

Irene will help stretch, strengthen and relax you. Irene provides our students with the attention they need to fulfill their wellness goals and leaves you feeling zen! She has been teaching meditation here since 2008 as well as running yoga classes which flow beautifully. Her dancing and gymnastic experience means Irene brings a unique flow to her classes . While at the same time ensuring you experience peacefulness.


 Certified Yoga Instructor

Maria is a Instructor who really enjoys what she does and teaching others. Her laugh and genuine care for people make her classes very enjoyable. Maria benefited herself by being a student here for many years. She is now sharing the health and wellbeing she achieved with others


 Certified Yoga Instructor

Adrian has amazing energy and really throws everything he's got to helping you; by teaching you what works for you and your body.Adrian will ensure you work at your own level and achieve your personal strength and flexibility goals. 


 Certified Yoga Instructor

Alison has trained in several styles of yoga and has wide range of experience. Her gentle and calming nature makes her classes extra relaxing - while she still ensures your body gets a good workout. Alison has a growing interest in holisitic health and sees the great value of yoga as a tool for great health

Casual Teachers

Shery, Teresa, Christine, Susan, Andrew and Hayley

are part of our casual team - rounding out the

amazing team we have here at Yoga & Beyond.

They each enjoy teaching others in the achieving

a healthy  body and mind.

All our teachers have been trained and received certification from recognised Yoga Teacher Training Providers

Contact us today to get  fit and healthy.   

We are able to cater for a wide range of special needs.

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