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10 surprising side effects of adopting a regular work out routine

Sometimes we think of yoga as a physical practice.... helping the body with strength and flexibility. But, depending on how it is taught, a good yoga class will develop much deeper benefits . Here are just 10 of the many that can be experience:-

1. Better sleep

2. Calmer nervous system

3. More patience

4. Improved digestion

5. Motivation to eat healthier

6. Increased feelings of happiness

7. Increased feelings of calmness

8. Increased self esteem 9. New levels of self awareness

10. Higher levels of memory and thinking

These improvements and many others are probably due to the level of mindfulness involved in practicing yoga , the regulated breathing and the general practice or regular self regulation.

Everyone's experience is unique but the outcomes seem to be inevitably positive. I have found that people start to experience real changes after only 5 classes.

What is stopping you from giving it a go ?

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