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Are you ready to plunge into yoga?

The most common excuses for people not starting yoga classes seem to be:-

" I have never done it before"

" I am too stiff / too unfit "

" I wouldn't know what to do"

When I started with my friend we were very very bad at yoga. We couldn't even stay quiet in the class - we laughed a giggled like school girls and we were over 40 yrs old!

We were both shocked at how "bad our bodies were" as most poses didn't look that hard.. I mean what can be so hard about standing on one leg..right?

My friend stopped going because she wasn't good at it... and I started going more often because I wasn't good at it.

The body grows new cells every day and over the years I have become strong and flexible and calm and have mentored many yoga teachers and students since 2006. All because I recognised that my body needed to get better than it was and I took action.

I hope you are ready to take the plunge to transform yourself with yoga - one class at a time.

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